Surprises and Disappointments: Movies of 2014

I was looking forward to many movies this year, especially the book adaption raised my hopes. Some of the films turned out to be pleasant surprises others, well, not so much…



Sin City 2: I couldn’t wait to see this one. I’m always a bit careful when it comes to sequels as those are often only for making money. So I went to the cinema with mixed feelings. But even though it wasn’t as awesome as the first Sin City movie, Robert Rodriguez did an amazing job. And I love the soundtrack.


Horns: I was counting the days ever since I’ve found out that a lovely book would be turned into a movie. Finally the day came and much to my relieve they didn’t mess up the film adaption. Daniel Radcliff did a good job and the vibe of the book was captured.


The Fault in Our Stars: I heard nothing but praise for the book and went ahead to read it. When I found out there would be a movie I was excited. But then I saw who they chose for the leading roles and got uneasy but guess what? The movie turned out wonderfully!




The Grand Budapest Hotel: A while back a colleague told me how cool this movie is. But I completely forgot about it until some other friends also mentioned how much they enjoyed it. With high hopes I sat down – and ended up disappointed. For me the movie wasn’t very funny but only over the top.


Annabell: I haven’t watched any good horror movies in quite a while so I was excited for this one. As it turned out, I had to continue my search for something truly scary. My hopes weren’t too high but there was nothing original or frightening about this movie.


The Dark Valley: This is one of the movies everybody seems to love. As far as I noticed there was praise from everywhere but for me it was nothing but a disappointment. I don’t even know where to start when naming all the things that annoyed me =(

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