Movie Mania: Falling Down

Falling Down – a movie from 1993 with Michael Douglas as lead. I guess the younger generation will mainly know this movie because the Foo Fighters used it as model for the video to their song “Walk”.



The Plot:

William Foster is just an average person. He has a half-way decent job, an ex-wife and a cute little daughter. Everything normal so far. But one day it’s enough. It’s his daughter birthday and he’s caught up in a traffic jam. That’s when he decides not to bear with it any longer, he gets out of his car and deals with everybody who gets in his way.


The Rating:

I recently re-watched this film as I thought of it during a conversation. I had almost forgotten, how great this film is. Although it’s an interesting study of a character that could be me or you the movie has hilarious moments. Michael Douglas gives a strong performance and entirely convinces with this role. The story is somehow absurd but still credible.
However, another plus point in this film is the soundtrack that blends in very well with the atmosphere.
What’s really interesting about this movie is how critical it is at time. One thing I noticed is that a few years ago, it was on TV rather often but in the last two years I can’t recall ever seeing it on TV. I wonder where this change comes from…
“Falling Down” is an unusual movie that is highly recommendable.



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