Movie Mania: Fido

A few weeks ago I read about this movie in a TV magazine. I have absolutely no idea how this zombie comedy managed to escape my notice until now.



The Plot:

The movie is set in a 1950’s world in which zombies are the latest trend when it comes to servants. But for little Timmy the zombie Fido is more than just a servant, he becomes his friend. Together they have to deal with a few problems.


The Rating:

First of all I need to say that I love the “fake 50’s”. That’s what I call this decade the way it’s depicted in movies. The lovely clothes, the nice music, the cute houses and the cool cars. The movie is worth seeing for the mere setting.
But let’s get down to business: The story itself is cleverly constructed, changing bits of history in order to create a new reality. Partly the humor is very dark – another point I really enjoy. But altogether the story is told really nicely carefully shifting the wait between heart warming moments and simply hilarious scenes. A new take on the old buddy-movie.

It’s a cute movie and definitely worth watching!



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