Movie Mania: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson’s 2014 movie seemed to be very popular among my friends. Several of them told me who much they liked this comedy film. Although it took me a while I finally got around watching it.



The Plot:

We experience how Zéro Mustafa became the owner of the eponymous hotel. The story is set in a fictional Country named Zubrowka somewhere in the European alps. Together with the former concierge of the hotel he went trough some adventures.


The Rating:

I’ve heard nothing but praise for this film and was really excited to watch it.
But as it turned out the movie would fail to live up to my expectations. Although the actors playing basically even the smallest role in this film are first class but not even them were able to save the movie for me.
The setting seems cute at first but soon the whole attitude becomes annoying. It is all by far over the top and the funny moments seem to forced. I’ve laughed exactly five times throughout the film (pretty bad for something that’s supposed to be a comedy…)
Even the beginning of the movie annoyed me as it led to a totally unnecessary narrative situation. The actual movie is the story being told by somebody in book being talked about by the author whose book is just being read by a young woman (she is what the movie starts with). The latter two are highly unnecessary as they don’t show up again until the very end of the movie. The situation in which the story is told only comes up two or three times so this would have been enough of a frame for the film.
The story itself is pretty cute but it’s just too much. And what really annoyed me was that characters shown at different age stages (and therefore being played by two actors) didn’t resemble each other at all.
I was disappointed and can’t agree with my friends who are so fond of the film.




2 thoughts on “Movie Mania: The Grand Budapest Hotel

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