Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: Californication

The man, the myth, the legend. This show brought us the one and only Mr. Hank Moody.  He’s a writer with a whole pile of problems. This show spans over 7 season and 84 episode (I’ve seen 3 seasons so far so this is what the review will be about).


(The trailer is kind of crappy, the show is actually much better than depicted here)


The Plot:

The writer Hank Moody deals (or better fails with dealing) with several problems: His former girlfriend Karen whom he still loves is about to get married. His daughter struggles with her teenage years and he has trouble coping with his role as a parent. On top of that Hank banged just about every woman in L.A. instead of writing something in a long time.


The Rating:

Some of you may see parallels between Hank Moody and Charlie Harper but I ensure you, this show is different. While it is hilarious in many scenes (if you want an example just watch the beginning of the first episode) there are also deeply felt emotions. The show feels like a rather realistic approach without cheap laughs. Hank Moody is pure chaos and although he fucks up most of the time you still like him. He always has the best intention but it just doesn’t work out. David Duchovny incorporates the role perfectly. I don’t know how much it corresponds with what he’s like in real life, but Hank Moody is definitely one of his most credible performances ever.
At the end of the season the show started drifting into a rather annoying direction but I haven’t watched any further, so I can’t comment on how this developes in the later seasons.
However, another part I really like about the show is the music. The tunes are picked magnificently and blend in perfectly with the atmosphere.
The characters are credible – you just have to love or hate them. Moreover, a certain depth is added to all of them. There are plotlines about the minor characters allowing us to explore their lifes aswell.
Although the show also felt sexist at times it still made me laugh a lot. Up to season three this show is definitely a recommendation!



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