Getting my hands dirty: DIY T-Shirt time!

A few weeks ago I’ve been to a concert and really wanted to get a T-shirt. But it turned out all they had were shirts for guys. I was left with a problem most girls will know: leave without a shirt or throw out money for an ill-fitting piece of clothing. As my wardrobe is already full of stuff that doesn’t quite fit me, I decided not to buy anything. Back at home I was looking at the sticker I had of the band and thought why not do this myself?

the shirts I did

the shirts I did

So I went out and got me some acrylic paint and a shirt. Before I even knew it my shirt was done and it looks just the way I wanted it. =) *proud moment*
The bottle of paint I had bought was pretty large and therefore a lot of color was left. In my excitemet I went out and got some more shirts. By now I’m done painting four of them, two are still waiting for motives.
I even tried washing the shirts and the color didn’t fade a bit. I just love my unique shirts can’t wait to wear them!
It’s super easy to do, so try it yourself!



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