Book vs. Movie: Horns

I’ve been excited to hear that a book I really like would become a movie. On October 31st the time had finally come. The movie is here 😀



The Plot:

Ig Perrish is in some trouble. His beloved girlfriend was murdered and the whole world thinks he did it. Already bad enough? Well, it gets worse: one day he wakes up to find horns growing on his head. Ig discovers that these two things give him some whole new options…


Book vs. Movie:

It’s been a while since I read the book but I remember it being very well written. I guess being the son of Stephen King, Joe Hill has horror pumping through his veins. His spins an intricate story that catches you on many levels. You get surprising plot twist, a clever story and characters you start to care for.
One thing was clear: turning this one into a movie would be tough. There are supernatural elements and I was afraid the film would be drifting off too far into that corner. But Alexandre Aja adapted the story pretty well. Although most of the critics I read on the movie were rather negative, I enjoyed it.
I was sceptical on Daniel Radcliff having the leading role but he convinced me otherwise. He portraits Ig Perrish with a darkness and vulnerability that perfectly fits the character. However, Juno Temple gets pretty close to what I imagined Merrin to look like. Somewhere in the middle of the movie I started having doubts whether she’s right for the role but in the end she proves that she can do it.
The music used also blends in very well with the feeling and the atmosphere the book created. The suspense is also developed elegantly and the balance between reality and supernatural is kept.

Those of you who read my stuff regularly know that I am always pretty critical when it comes to book adaptions. But this is one I can recommend. =)


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