Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: Twin Peaks (Pilot)

As was announced at the beginning of October, Twin Peaks will be renewed for a 9 episode series. In the light of this I decided to grad my Twin Peaks DVD box and re-watch it. So here come my thoughts on the trailer of this legendary 90’s show.



The Plot:

A dead body is found. It’s a 17-year-old girl named Laura Palmer. The whole town of Twin Peaks is shaken by the event. Such things don’t happy in such a cozy little place in the mountains, no not here. But now a murdered occurred. The local police start investigating and Special Agent Dale Cooper joins them to find out who killed Laura Palmer. As the investigations go on, more and more people of this town get drawn into the story. Not everybody is who he seems…


The Rating:

It’s been a while since I’ve last watched Twin Peaks. But so far the show hasn’t lost its impact on me. The pilot was done magnificently. Of course a famous director like David Lynch almost guaranteed to deliver a great show. I was highly impressed by how realistic the show started of. Very often those crime scene stuff feels rather artificial, especially when it comes to the people who are allowed to have feelings in an investigation like family or friends. Furthermore, it’s amazing who David Lynch unravels the secrets surrounding each member of this town. He always leaves you wanting more. Although there are many different plot strings it never gets confusing only more interesting. You can’t wait to find out about each person and what his or her darkest secret might be. However, despite the show dealing with a serious subject David Lynch managed to sneak in aspects or better said characters that will make you smile. Let me just say that whoever did the casting was a genious. The roles are played by actors who really fit in. (Sheryl Lee is the best corpse I’ve ever seen!)

Although I’ve already seen every episode re-watching the pilot leaves me craving for more. So as soon as I’m done with this review, I’ll head on to episode number one. Stay tuned for a review on the rest of the show đŸ˜‰



4 thoughts on “Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: Twin Peaks (Pilot)

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