Time to Talk about Books: 1984

Finally a book review =) I’ve been busy for most of the summer so I didn’t have much time to read. But recently I finally finished George Orwell’s classic novel about a dystopia.



The Plot:

Big Brother is watching you. The people live under constant surveillance. They don’t have a moment to themselves, spies and microphones are everywhere. Who dares not to obey disappears. The story follows the thoughts of Winston Smith a man who works for the party. We perceive this dystopian society through his eyes and find out about the almighty party.


The Rating:

George Orwell draws a very realistic image of a world in total control. Several time throughout the book I had goosebumps as the story is not too far from the world we are living in. He creates an intricate net of politics and rules in a world of total control. It’s incredible how elaborate his description is. Orwell dives deep into the human mind and gives an analysis of people’s thoughts in the eye of terror.
After wanting to get around it for a long time I finally read it. You should do to. The book animates to think about the way you live and about our world in general. You needn’t think too hard to see clear connections to  our current system.



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