Ever heard of Bloglovin?

What’s that? Something to eat? Two months ago I had no clue what a “Bloglovin” is supposed to be. But then I read an article her on WordPress on the advantages and decided to take a look.
For everyone who doesn’t know what it is: Bloglovin is a platform that allows you to follow blogs. Some of you may say that’s unnecessary as you can follow people on WordPress aswell. But here comes the clue: Bloglovin allows you to follow blogs from any source, meaning WordPress, Blogspot or basically anything else.
At first I thought I don’t need that. But then I started thinking and realised that there are blogs in my bookmarks I hadn’t look at in half a year as it is very annoying to go to 20 different websites to check 20 different blogs for updates.
Should you be the owner of a blog, Bloglovin gives you the option to “claim it” meaning that it gives you detailed statistics on it. Furthermore, people can follow not only your blog but also yourself on Bloglovin. That means whenever I “save” (similar to like on Facebook) a post, my followers will see it. That’s a nice feature that allows you to discover new blogs you might enjoy, a feature I appreciate very much.
Since I’ve been using it, the amount of blogs I read increased. It really facilitates navigating through all the stuff I might want to read.
Another feature that will be of particular interest for bloggers is that Bloglovin directs the reader directly to your blog meaning that you really get the click, not Bloglovin. Basically the image you get is similar to the one on WordPress: You see the blog with a toolbar on top. This allows you to save the post, follow the blog or  go on to the next unread post in your feed. Should you want to go through the blog any further you can easily close the toolbar with an X on right side.

I’ve grown really fond of Bloglovin and hope I could shed some light on the functions of this side. If you’re interested you can start out with checking on my blog on there 😉

Drop me a Line :-)

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