Movie Mania: The Woman in Black

We all survived Halloween and in the spirit of this I want to write about another horror movie/Thriller. I had seen the trailer for this one a while back in the cinema and already was interested in watching the film. However, I completely forgot about it until it was on TV about a week ago.



The Plot:

The story is set in the Edwardian era. Daniel Radcliff plays a lawyer who gets the order to take care of a house that is to be sold. He travels there in order to go through the paper work. Arriving at the lonely house he begins to see and hear things, most of all a woman dressed in black. As it turns out the woman is not a very friendly character…


The Rating:

I was rather excited to see this movie as the trailer seemed really thrilling. However, the whole thing ended up disappointing me. The story started off rather obscure and at first I didn’t really get what’s going on and how that is relevant. In some movies this is intended and rises the interest and thrill, in this case it was nothing but annoying. I have a similar with problem with this movie as I had with the one I reviewed here. They have a whole movie to unravel the mystery but spend the whole time with some strange phenomena only to reveal everything within five minutes. At least the last third of the movie gained some pace and got a bit more exciting and the ending was almost atypical. But the way it was carried out it took you a moment to even realise the ending, it wasn’t done too well, I think. Somehow Daniel Radcliff’s character also lacks a bit of depth in this movie. Throughout the entire film he remains pretty one-dimensional. In several moments I felt like they tried to copy the atmosphere and feeling of good films like “The Others” but didn’t succeed in adapting it.

To be perfectly honest, the movie wasn’t really scary and the story was dragging on most of the time. Not really worth seeing, as there are better movies adapting similar material.


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