Movie Mania: Annabell

Halloween’s just around the corner so I thought I’d share y thoughts on a horror movie I saw recently. This 2014 movie is the prequel to “The Conjuring”. So far I haven’t seen this film but it’s on my list 😉



The Plot:

A young couple is expecting their first child. But in the middle of the night the hear screams. Their neighbours are dead. Within the blink of an eye the intruders are in their home and try to kill mother and child. They are saved but this is only were the trouble starts. Infestations of several kinds threaten the young mother…


The Rating:

I went into this movie without knowing what to expect. I hadn’t seen “The Conjuring” and had basically no idea what this all will be about. The first minutes of the film were rather promising and raised my hopes. It was a rough start already with some horror. But then unfortunately my expectations were shattered.  The movie has a length of 98 minutes and I could swear that for about 80 minutes nothing that was really important for the story happened. Of course there were the regular scary things like music starting without anyone pressing a button etc. So nothing original here, we’ve seen that before. Let alone that there was nothing really frightening there.
The actual story why there are infestations and the whole point of the story then gets explained about 10 minutes before the end. There would have been plenty of time to unravel the riddle but instead we get a movie filled with nothing. The end itself is also pretty shallow and not very original.

To be honest you can skip most of the movie. Watch the first and last 10 minutes and you’re done. This movie is not really worth watching.


2 thoughts on “Movie Mania: Annabell

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