Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: Sex and the City

It’s been a while since I’ve watched Sex and the City the last time but recently I started thinking about it. Read on to find out what came to my mind =)



The Plot:

We follow the four friends Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda. They all are successful women but as different as can be. The show mostly focuses on their love life.


The Rating:

When I recently recapitulated on SATC something started bothering me. I did notice it while watching but thinking about it, it annoys me more and more. Basically all the show is about is the women trying to find “the one”. This may sound trivial and not a big deal but it’s the only thing this show focuses on. Every episode the four girls obsess about a recent lover. It seems to be the only purpose in their lives. I refuse to believe that there are women who have such an empty life and obviously no intention to achieve something worth while or be enough on their own. What I can’t stand at all is a popular TV show depicting such an image of women in our society. I think it leads to the believe that women are like that or at least are supposed to be like that.
Thinking about it I realised that even the women on the show who are successful like Samantha also only obsess about men. Even if it’s not love she’s looking for but sex there also seems to be nothing else in here life.
I wouldn’t want to spend my life without a real purpose. What we need is a show that encourages women to be strong and successful. That show that they are enough even without a men by their side, unlike in SATC.

I now put all the negative fuss aside and talk about the show in general. The setting itself in New York is lovely although I think it gives off a rather one-sided view of the city. Just like the  women’s lifestyle. Nothing but designer clothes and chic stuff. Pretty far from reality I suppose. The show often tries to put friendship in the center and who how important the girl’s bonding is. On very rare occasions the show succeeds. Furthermore, we get fun as well as sad stories.
All in all the show is pretty decent to watch, I even finished all seasons. But it always left me with an uneasy feeling.


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