Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: American Horror Story – Freak Show

I recently watched the first two episode of “Freak Show”, the latest AHS season. It will consist of 13 episodes, 11 of them will air within the next weeks.



The Plot:

This season is set in 1952. A Freak Show puts up its tents in Florida. The members struggle to survive and Elsa Mars, the leader of the show, tries hard to make ends meet. She finds the siamese twins Dot and Bette and recruits them.
In the mean time an awfully scary clown runs around murdering people.


The Rating:

The other 3 seasons of AHS impressed me. They where somewhat different from the usual stuff, very original and rich in atmosphere. Freak show however, has so far not been able to leave such a deep impression. Until now the whole story does run as smooth as the others. The actors try their best but the characters also don’t seem as well written and credible as we are used to.  Partly it seemed like scenes were just created to shock and scare. The feeling was given that these scenes have no contribution to the storyline or are otherwise important. They are just there for shocking the audience. In the past the gory moments were incorporated in the whole events by far better.
I hope that they show finds its way back to the old form within the following episodes. So far I am not too excited anymore.

9 thoughts on “Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: American Horror Story – Freak Show

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