Movie Mania: Sin City 2 – A Dame to Kill for

In 2014 Robert Rodriguez finally released Sin City – A Dame to Kill for. Follow up to Sin City it is again based on the comics by Frank Miller who also wrote the script for the film.


The Plot:

There are basically 3 different plotlines:

#1: Johnny is a gambler. He returns to Sin City to play with the high rollers. Playing with Senator Roark he wins. A thing that does not please the Senator. Johnny later is beaten up badly and it turns out that he is the Senator’s son. But instead of killing him Roark leaves hin in the gutter to suffer. Johnny swears revenge. After visiting a rather strange doctor he wins back enough money to play against the Senator one more time.

#2: This is the biggest story of the film. Dwight McCarthy receives a call from a former lover. Ava convinces him that her husband, a wealthy tycoon, wants to have her dead. Still having feelings for her he recruits Marv to safe her. After he kills her husband she reveals that he never did her anything bad. Before shooting McCarthy she tells him that now she has all the money. However, with the help of the Old Town girls he survives and is up for revenge.

#3: This story follows a plot line from the first Sin City movie. Nancy still can’t cope with Hartigan’s death and makes plans to kill Roark. Using a trick she gets Marv to help her and they head out to finish Roark.


The Rating:

I really liked the first part and was excited for part 2. One more time Robert Rodriguez stuffed his movie to the top with the finest actors. Even the smallest roles were given to great actors. Christopher Lloyd as crazy doctor was simply the best!
Another thing I enjoy about this films is the black and white look with just a few dashes of color. It’s a rather unique style that creates the perfect atmosphere for the entire film.
Although the story sometimes was a bit over the top and especially at the beginning dragging on the movie was amazingly done. The pace speeds up and we’re on a hot ride through Sin City.
The soundtrack also was picked very thoughtfully – just as we know Robert Rodriguez. The music blends in with the story and the unmistakable Sin City flair.



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