Book vs. Movie: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Finally I got to watch the movie to another book I really enjoyed. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was turned into a film by Timur Bekmambetow. Tim Burton was producing, so this just has to be great, right?


The Plot:
Historical facts and events get mixed up with some supernatural vampire stuff. We follow the life of Abraham Lincoln, a man everybody knows. Well apparently he kept some secrets from the world: Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter. After his mother was murdered by one he wants revenge. Along with his political rise the story features some vampire slaying. Even his fight against slavery is motivated by the idea to take away the food base for vampires.
You get the idea, right?


Book vs. Movie:
I really enjoyed reading the book. Although the plot at first sounds totally absurd it is written so well that at times you could almost believe that it’s true. Moreover, in the book the vampire stuff didn’t feel so cliché like.
But then there was the movie. I was very excited to see how it turns out on a big screen – and got disappointed. There were a few plot changes I didn’t like too much and also don’t consider necessary. However, I was also not fond of Benjamin Walker in the leading role. In my opinion he was no convincing Abe Lincoln. At all. But that just added on the whole feeling of the movie. A handful of the battle scenes were done quite well but most of them were not even decent. Partly the fighting seemed like a bad horror movie that makes you laugh instead of frightening you because it’s just awful. Other scenes were just so over the top they didn’t fit in the movie anymore. Too many special effects had been stuffed in one scene. It just does not work.
Another point I just cannot forgive is the missing of Edgar Allan Poe. There is a scene in the novel in which Abraham Lincoln is in a bar chatting and drinking with Poe. I was sooo looking forward to this scene but it didn’t come. How can you leave out Edgar Allan Poe?!
What I appreciated about the book, the real feeling and the non-cliché atmosphere, got wiped away by the movie. There nothing that felt even a little credible. Nothing but artificial scenes you’ve already seen before with not convincing actors.
Skip the movie and just read the book!


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