Looking forward and Looking back – my last and next year at university

Just some wonderful graffiti in my new home Vienna :D

Just some wonderful graffiti in my new home Vienna 😀

Last year in October my first year of university in Vienna began. A new city. Looking back I can say it was absolutely the right decision. I love Vienna and enjoy every minute I spend there. It’s also nice to live alone (I live in a student accommodation but you get my point). I like taking care of myself and being responsible for everything. The first year of studying was also a new experience. It’s also a lot of self-organising and was quite different from school. Another point I really enjoyed. The people I met there are awesome and I made some good friends.
The next year will be more of a challenge I guess. The courses I have to take ’til the end of my studies can now be taking in almost free order. The first to semester had more or less fixed courses. So I already put together a schedule that would suit me. However, I can only hope that I’ll get into the courses I chose. Signing up for that stuff is like gambling at a casino. The subscription is from 22nd to 24th September and I already have my fingers crossed. I am relieved that I finally received the grade for my proseminar thesis. This was the last grade necessary for me to be able to move on with my studies. I’m glad I passed all the exams I took this year and most of them very well =)
Hopefully the next year will be just as good. I enjoyed my first to semesters but the rest of my studies will be really different, so I’m not quite sure what to expect. Anyway I’m looking forward to it. It will also be nice to have some time for myself. During the summer I spend at home I often felt like I have no air to breathe left as there was always somebody wanting something. It took me three months to read one damn book as I couldn’t even find 5 minutes a day for myself. Finally I’m cooking for me again, doing my own laundry and taking care of grocery shopping myself. I guess I’m the only person who enjoys not being taken care of. xD


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