Movie Mania: Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal is a comic sci-fi movie for adults. This 1981 film consists of different stories that are loosely linked by a crystalline green sphere.


The Plot:

The story begins with an astronaut in Corvette coming back to earth. He drives to his house where he’s greeted by his daughter. The green ball he brought back from outer space starts so shine as he touches it. Suddenly the ball melts him, the girl watching in terror. Introducing itself as the sum of all evils the so-called Loc-Nar shows the girl how it influenced different societies over time.
The various stories shown include a taxi driver in some evil future version of New York, killing a beautiful young woman over money coming from the sale of the Loc-Nar. Furthermore, a teen-aged boy finds the ball and thus is transferred into a different world where he saves a woman from being sacrificed. The next episode shows the trial of Captain Sternn who is currently facing a trial. The man he paid to testify in his favor found the green ball and it influences him to reveal all the bad about the captain. Moreover, the Loc-Nar is found in an airplane during some kind of war. All the dead soldiers are reanimated and turned into zombies. The following story revolves a young woman with the Loc-Nar in her necklace. She’s a stenographer at a press-conference. When a spaceships tries to abduct a doctor who was speaking it accidently also takes the woman aboard. The last story tells the tale of Taarna. She is the last of a warrior race who was called to help the elders of a peaceful city. They have come under attack by a tribe of human outcasts who are influenced by the Loc-Nar. Arriving too late to save the good people she follows the barbarians for revenge. After defeating him she sacrifices herself into the Loc-Nar, destroying it.
As the green ball is destroyed in the final story it also explodes and the little girl flees from the house. Taarna’s soul is somehow transferred across time and space and turns the girl into the next Taarakian warrior.


The Rating:

Be warned, this movie is full of sex, nudity and violence. But the stories are so strangely stupid that they are funny. Some scenes are so entirely unbelievably crackbrained I couldn’t stop laughing. Big parts of the diverse episodes seemed like excuses to show some more boobs.
However, the movies was something different. It was so bad that it was already good again.
The music also was great. The soundtrack consists only of the finest rock music.

So although the movies is highly sexist at times it made me laugh.


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