Book vs. Movie: The Fault in our Stars

After reading John Green’s book I was stoked to find out there will be a movie. I finally got around watching it, so here we go:


The Plot:

The store revolves around Hazel Grace Lancaster. A teen-aged girl faced with cancer. In support group she meets a guy called Augustus Waters. The two become friends and eventually fall in love. They even travel to Amsterdam to meet the author of their favourite book. But before they return Gus reveals that he is about to die as his cancer came back.


Book vs. Movie:

The Fault in our Stars

First of all let me state that I really like the story itself for being different to other stuff of the same genre. John Green manages to come up with something that feels real. Not some huge artificial ball full of sadness and tragedy but a real story with real people. Of course I don’t know how it must be to have cancer nor do I know anybody who does, I still feel like the way John Green wrote is how it really is for a teenager. The way of coping with it, the perception of the entire world. It’s very credible.
Although the two fall in love this also doesn’t seem unreal like in most movies. There’s no sugar-coated romance. It’s very close to reality.

However, the movie was very well done. When I first saw the trailer I wasn’t too happy with the casting but it turned out both Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort lived up perfectly to their characters. They incorporated them like no one else could have. They matched the real-ishness of the story. None of them felt like one of those polished flawless Hollywood beauties but like real people.
The transformation from paper to screen was done rather amazingly. Although you lose a lot of insight into Hazel’s thoughts and feelings you still get a good impression of her. The movie was lacking many scenes that transported lots of emotion and feeling in the book but nevertheless did it create the right atmosphere.
adaption succeeded đŸ˜€

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