Childhood Memories Revisited (Movie Mania): Sleeping Beauty

The second post about my favourite childhood movies is a review on “Sleeping Beauty”. This Disney film is from 1959 and its lovely music was nominated for an oscar a year later.

The Plot:

Sleeping Beauty is a pretty widespread fairytale but let me summarize the story of this particular version: A baby is born. The king and the queen are more than happy and have a huge banquet. The good fairies are to give the lovely princes one gift each. But before the last one can be presented Maleficent, the evil fairy who wasn’t invited, appears. She cast a curse upon the little princess. On her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spindle and die. Not being able to take back the evil spell the last of the good fairies changes it to sleeping instead of dying.
To protect their daughter the king and the queen send her off with the fairies. The raise the child in a little cottage in the woods. On her 16th birthday they decide to back her a lovely cake and sew a dress. But as they use magic the evil fairy finds out about them. In the mean time the girl called Rose wanders through the woods and runs into a stranger. She falls in love with him. As it later turns it this was the very Prince she is supposed to marry as soon she is back to her life as princess.
However, as soon as she’s back a the castle Maleficent makes sure her spell comes true. She keeps the Prince a hostage to prevent him from awakening he princess with true love’s kiss. But with the fairies’ help he breaks free, kills Maleficent and kisses the princess….And they lived happily ever afer….


The Rating:

As a child I absolutely adored this movie. I guess the scene I always loved most was when the fairies mess up everything for the birthday and have to start using magic. Watching the film again this scene still makes me smile. The whole movie is actually pretty cute with many lovely ideas. The animation and the design alone a magnificent. The story of course isn’t anything new or different but is was adapted really nicely. Needless to say that the music is wonderful. However, the princess herself didn’t get to say or do much before she was put to sleep. But her passiveness was made up for by the fairies who are undoubtedly the stars of this movie.



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