Playlist #2: Songs for a Rainy Day

This summer the weather was rather shitty. Due to weeks full of rain I optimized my playlist for rainy weather. For me it contains everything: songs that lift you up, songs that you can chill to etc. I hope you enjoy this ten songs as much as I do =)


I. Snake Charmer by Blink 182: It’s my favourite song of the Neighborhoods album. I wasn’t too fond of the album in total but I really dig this one. It has a perfect vibe and nice lyrics.


II. This is the Way by Black Train Jack: I absolutely love this song. No matter what mood I am in this one always fits.


III. Jessica Kill by Sum 41: One of my favourite tracks from the surprisingly great album Screaming Bloody Murder.


IV. Teenage Anarchist by Against Me!: This one has just THE rainy day vibe.


V. 7 Years by Undeclinable Ambuscade: Another one of my all-time favourite songs that always work out.


VI. Stranger Than Fiction by Bad Religion: This song kind of reflects my mood during this never ending rain.


VII. Say Anything by Bouncing Souls: This version of the song is perfect for rather depressing rainy weather.


VIII. Falling for you by Weezer: My favourite track of the Pinkerton album which I love in its entirety.


IX. Moon River by Audrey Hepburn: The last to songs of my playlist are rather chilly to get back down and relax. This song is from one of my most beloved movies.


X. Für Elise by Beethoven: The best one to come back down. This is a song you just have to let sink in. Perfect.



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