Movie Mania: The Room (aka one of the worst movies ever)

Have you ever seen a movie so bad you felt the need to invent a new word to describe how utterly awful it is? Well recently I have. The Room is a 2003 romantic comedy drama (at least it claims to be one) written, produced and direct by as well as starring in the main role Tommy Wiseau.


The Plot:

The movie revolves around Tommy and Lisa. They are about to get married but unfortunately Lisa has lost all interest in Tommy although he is such a good and nice and successful man (how her mother emphasizes every five minutes). On top of that Lisa begins an affair with Tommy best friend Mark who doesn’t even seem to want that at all. There are some rather strange subplots like Tommy’s fosterling getting into a fight with a drug dealer or Lisa’s mother having cancer. However, after being briefly introduced none of them are ever mentioned again. Anyways. Tommy eventually finds out about Lisa and Mark and kills himself. End of story.


The Rating:

Tommy Wiseau’s film is 99 minutes long. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent 90 of them with staring at the screen in disbelieve. The story itself is flat as can be. Half of the scenes are absolutely unnecessary and introduce subplots that are never ever explained or even mentioned again. The characters are lacking depth aswell. They are so shallow after the whole movie all you know about some the main characters is barely their name. The setting and many situations remind of a bad porn movie and the dialogues are just as awful. I’ve heard that Tommy Wiseau had to recast his entire crew twice
cause nobody wanted to be caught having anything to do with such a horrible flick. The Budget for the movie accounts for 6 million dollars and I still wonder where that money went. It looks like there wasn’t more than 600 dollars spent! At least some of the scene were so utterly bad that you simple have to laugh at the stupidity of the dialogues. Another point I can’t figure out is who the hell told Tommy Wiseau that he has the slightest bit of talent for acting? He doesn’t show any emotion, he seems artificial. Whenever he speaks it comes out very monotone and boring no matter what it is he’s trying to communicate. I’m still trying to invent a word to cover how awful this movie is. At least it is good for a few laughs.


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