Movie Mania: Mr. Nobody

This science fiction drama was directed by Jaco Van Dormael in 2009. The leading role is played by Jared Leto, portraying Nemo Nobody from young adult up to an old man.


The Plot:

It’s kind of a tough task to describe the content of this movie. Basically it gives an idea of the many possible lives of Nemo Nobody. As the last mortal person on earth the old man who seems to have no past looks back on his life. But he doesn’t tell a straight story. He talks about different versions of his life depending on little decisions he makes, like going with his mother or staying with his father when his parents get divorced. We see him marrying three different women leading to three families.


The Rating:

In the movie many interesting ideas are processed.Showing how even the smallest decision can change your life is fascinating but in this films they partly over shot the target. Far to many possibilities are shown, making it hard to comprehend. What I really liked was how his different lives were represented. Each one was assigned a certain color. Therefore every life has a certain aura and feeling it projects.
From time to time little scenes explaining science were squeezed in. A quick overview of the String Theory or the concept of the Butterfly Effect are very interesting but very often you just don’t know what to make of it and how to fit it in the movie. These scenes seemed rather artificial and forced and except for the Butterfly Effect were not necessary for the movie at all. Some concept on the other hand that could be perceived in scenes of Nemo’s life were not explained at all. What also appeared a little out of place was the beginning of Nemo’s life. The sequences with him as baby are often based on fiction and superstitious believes. Thus it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the movie which is rather science based.
However, my praise goes out to the actors. They all did an amazing job, especially Toby Regbo and Jared Leto how portrayed Nemo as a teenager and an adult having to cover very versatile facets of one person. The rest of the cast was also Hollywood’s finest: Diane Kruger or Sarah Polley as two of his wives, Rhys Ifans as his father or Juno Temple as the teenaged version of Diane Kruger.One more point I really appreciate is the soundtrack. It’s just as versatile as the characters in the film.

The actors played marvellously and the idea on which the movie is based is fascinating. But it’s simply over the top. I’ve seen the movie several times and I still feel like I am not able to take it in fully. Everytime I watch it I discover something I missed before. So in case you intend to watch the movie once and not 5 times in a row you will be overwhelmed. With a length of almost two and a half hours Jaco Van Dormael had enough time to span an intricate net of different life strings impossible to absorb at one screening.



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