Movie Mania: A Life Less Ordinary

This very black comedy movie was filmed in 1997. With Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor in the leading roles Danny Boyle managed to shoot one of his best movies.


The Plot:

Celine Naville is a spoiled upper class chick. Just as her father decides to stop shoving everything up her ass Robert Lewis storms in. He worked for Mr Naville’s company and was fired that very morning. In a soupçon of confusion and rage he decides to kidnap Celine. Soon she changes sides and teams up with Robert to share her father’s ransom.
In the mean time two angels are on their way. O’Rilley and Jackson are supposed to make the mortals find love. But all of their last cases ended in break-up or divorce. Therefore, they are granted one last chance to keep their job – make Robert and Celine fall in love. To do so the two angels take a very interesting road. They masquerade them self as killers and get hired by Celine’s father to rescue her – and the money.
If you want to know whether they find love or not…go see the movie 😉


The Rating:

The casting for this film is simply superb. Not only the main roles are played by top-class actors, also the more or less minor characters come up with well-known names: Delroy Lindo and Holly Hunter as angels, Tony Shalhoub as their boss, Stanley Tucci as Celine’s former – rather crazy – boyfriend and Ian Holm as her father. Not only did they all a great job, you could also see that they enjoyed it.
The story itself is quite unique and different. It’s not the totally romantic stuff that follows the same pattern you usually get. The very idea of the angels is absolutely brilliant. This film has hilarious moments but be warned – the humor is rather dark. Another huge plus point is the soundtrack. The Cardigans, R.E.M. and even a performance of “Beyond the Sea” by Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor. The songs were wisely chosen and fit in very well.
I hadn’t seen the movie in a while but when I watched it again a few days ago it was just as great as I remembered it. This might be Cameron Diaz’ best movie – and it’s definitely among the top five when it comes to Danny Boyle.





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