Music in my Veins: Put The Bottle Down Chinaski by Ducking Punches

I got this CD by surprise. While roaming the record stores of London I picked this CD out of a pile. On closer inspection I came to the conclusion that with a reference to Charles Bukowski in the title and a song that reminds me of Jean-Paul Sartre it simple had to be good. Back at home the CD turned out to fulfill my expectations.

Out of the five songs on this record “hell is other people”, the one that reminded me of Sartre, is my favorite. The lyrics are simply awesome and describe the world just perfectly. The first title on the album, “are you in there?”, is filled with a sad truth and transports this feeling very well. The second track, “lady luck”, is the one I usually skip. It’s a solid song but what comes up next is better. “Gambling with certainty” once more comes up with marvelously written lyrics. The last song, “a night in cells” tells another story which is filled with a lot of feeling.

Furthermore, the artwork is pretty impressive. It was done by the singer Dan Allen himself. What I also really love about the packaging is the Charles Bukowski quotation on the inside. The CD itself is very cute: it’s fashioned to look like a tiny vinyl record with real grooves on top.

This CD is a definite recommendation. You won’t regret buying it.



You can listen to the album here:


Some information on the album:

Track listing:

  1. are you in there?
  2. lady luck
  3. gambling with certainty
  4. hell is other people
  5. a night in the cells

Musicians on the album:
Dan Allen, Guest musicians: Peter Wright, Josie Clouting, Goncalo Gomes (guest vocals on “are you in there?”), half of the Norwich punk scene (gang vocals)


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