Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: American Horror Story – a new take on TV-shows

I recently finished watching the third season of American Horror Story. Once more I was surprised how they managed to start something completely new and pull it off so well. Each season has an entirely different setting and a new story, while sticking to the same actors.

Let me give you a quick overview:

Season one – Murder House:
In the first season the story follows the family Harmon. They move to a new house in Los Angeles not knowing the history of the building. In the course of the season we learn that the house was built by a doctor who began doing illegal abortions. A patient’s boyfriend killed the doctor’s baby in revenge. Not getting over the grief, the doctor’s wife first shoots him and then takes her own life. From there on a long series of murders begins. The house is haunted by several ghosts including Violet Harmon who doesn’t know she is dead. Before I spoil any more let’s move on to

Season two – Asylum:
This season is set two different time periods. The setting switches between the 1960’s and the present. The reporter Lana wants to write a story about the mental institution after a young man who is said to be the killer Bloody Face was admitted.  In the course of the story Lana herself becomes a patient who is held there wrongly. This time we also encounter supernatural powers along with the cruelty inflicted by humans.

Season three – Coven:The third season is set in the present days in an academy for witches. Only a hand full of girls is there but they soon learn how to use their powers. They are visited by the Supreme (the one witch in every generation who masters the seven wonders) who is the mother of the current headmistress. The search for the new Supreme (there is one in every generation) begins. In the mean time they have to deal with other problems including witch hunters and a voodoo priestess.

A little analysis:

It’s really interesting to see how the concept of the show works. It’s rather daring to do something new with each season, having no idea how the audience will react. But thus the actors get the chance to show their versatility and master new roles. Furthermore, it’s always a surprise to find out the new theme and setting. Some of the things shown are extremely daring as they are partly very violent and demonstrating real horror.
So I recommend to only watch AHS when you have a strong stomach. However, an interesting point are the bits of history interwoven in the plotlines. In the first season there is an episode about the black Dahlia murder, in the second season we have a woman who claims to be Anne Frank and in the third season the characters of Madame Lalaurie as well as Maria Laveau are based on real life people. Although I am aware that what is presented on the show isn’t necessarily true to history but at least it got me to read about it. Maybe thus some people are inspired to engage a little with history.
However it was already decided that there will be a fourth season. The theme is not yet revealed but we already know that most of the actors we return once more. Let the speculating begin 😀

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