Music in my Veins: Concert Review – Frank Turner, Ducking Punches, Andrew Jackson Jihad

On 4th March Frank Turner paid Vienna a visit. Along with him came two other great bands: Ducking Punches and Andrew Jackson Jihad. I already saw Frank Turner two years ago when he was playing at the Donauinselfest. Therefore I knew that he would rock the show. Beforehand I got hold of the new album and as I was very fond of it I got even more excited for the show. But what was even more interesting to me was one of the supporting bands.

Last year I came across a CD titled “Put the bottle down Chinaski” by someone called Ducking Punches. I had never heard of them but the CD had a quote from Charles Bukowski on the packaging so I figured it just had to be good. Turns out I was right. =)
The record is really amazing so I was stoked to find out that Ducking Punches would be playing with Frank Turner.

The other band who came along, Andrew Jackson Jihad, were unknown to me. I decided to not check them out before the concert and let them surprise me.

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Finally the day came and the concert took place. Ducking Punches were the first to take the stage. I was quite surprised when the lead singer announced that instead of playing full band it’s just him and his guitar. I can’t say how it would have been with the entire band but this way the music created goosebumps. He has one of those rare voices which creep under your skin and stay there. But it’s not only the way he sings, the lyrics transport lot’s of feeling aswell. One of the most emotional songs I guess is “Six Years” which is about a friend who passed away. The other songs are also quite brilliant so I had no other choice than to get hold of the new album. The only sad thing was that he played just for 20 minutes. I wished I’d had the chance to hear a little more. I hope he plays a little longer when I see him next time (and hopefully he does that awesome cover of Friday I’m in love again).

Let’s talk about the second supporting act, Andrew Jackson Jihad. These two guys made me smile a lot. There lyrics are really funny. Some of them are actually pretty strange but I couldn’t help but laugh. After a few songs they were joined by Frank Turner himself who set down at the drums and played with them. They did a nice show and I think both supporting acts were chosen very well.

Just like I expected Frank Turner rocked the stage. He played a few tracks from his new album “Tape Deck Heart” as well some classics like “The Road” and “If ever I stray”. He even did an acoustic set where it was just him and his guitar without the rest of the band.
One more point I really liked was the two rules he created for his concerts: make a friend you didn’t have before the show and if you know the lyrics for a song, sing along. I guess I accomplished both tasks =) Whenever he plays another show in Vienna I’m sure to go. He has a cool vibe and animates the audience very well. If you haven’t seen him live yet, don’t miss the chance to do so. You won’t regret it, I promise.


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