Better than diamonds or gold

I just came across a really nice writing prompt. The task is to write about a special stone. I guess with this instruction most people will either write some story about a magical stone and maybe some will write about their favourite diamond ring.

Well I’m gonna write about a real, plain, ordinary stone. The stone itself is nothing special. It’s not precious because of what it is made of. But to me it is invaluable for the things it reminds me of. The stone I am talking about was I gift. It’s from the top of a mountain in our region and I got for passing my final exams (in Austria it’s the Matura). But this is not what comes to my mind when I hold the stone in my hands.

Whenever I look at this little rock it reminds me of the person who gave it to me. It gives me a feeling of being appreciated, of someone caring and thinking about me. But most of all it makes me feel like home. When I packed my things to move for University the first thing that went into my suitcase was this stone.

I’m pretty sure no one is even aware that this stone means anything to me. It may be any ordinary little rock but to me it’s precious. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. There is no diamond or other stone in this world that could ever compensate what it means to me.


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