365 writing prompts: 17th January, crisis situations

writingI recently came across an awesome collection of writing prompts put together by the WordPress team of The Daily Post. It contains exactly 365 ideas to provide you with writing material for one year.

The prompt for today’s date, 17th January, is called “in a crisis”. The challenge is to honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

So far I actually never really thought about my abilities for crisis management. But on closer examination I think I’m doing a pretty good job on this field. I never get stressed and there’s basically nothing that can shake me to the core. If a difficult situation comes up I stay cool.When I started gathering ideas for this post one certain incident came to my mind. Last year when the exams for the school-leaving certificate (in Austria: Matura) came I was in a pretty bad state. I fell really ill shortly before and was in hospital at the very time we were supposed to take the exams. Therefore I was hardly prepared for any of the subjects and to take the tests I left the hospital in the morning just to return right after I was done. I guess this is what you could call a tough situation that’s not easy to handle.

But I did my thing and just went there and wrote the exams. I wasn’t nervous or anything, I didn’t feel stressed, to be honest I was quite at peace with myself. I didn’t even realize how relaxed I walked into the situation until I had a chat with a girl from my class. She told me that after a particular exam she went out to her car, sat down and before she was able to do anything else she started crying.

Thinking about it I was the one in the position to break down and cry but I didn’t even bother me. As I said, whatever happens I stay calm. Not that the exam didn’t matter me nor was I completely sure that I would pass but still it couldn’t faze me.

This is my basic crisis reaction. I stay calm even if the world around starts to crumble and fall to pieces. I’m pretty proud of myself that I can always keep cool no matter what. So to answer the question, yes I am really happy with the way I react. To some people it may seem like things don’t matter to me or I wouldn’t care. That’s not the case. I just don’t let it show. I don’t let anything consume me. I don’t let anything break me.

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