Now that we’re about two weeks into the new year 2014 I finally found the time to write a post =)

I was asked what I hope 2014 will be like. To be honest all I want it to be is as good as 2013. Not that the last year was all sunshine and roses. There where several negative aspect (I was in hospital, I broke my arm, lost some friends etc) but when I think back, no negative feelings come to my mind. The many great experiences I made 2013 just blot out all the other stuff. And that’s how I want it to be. Not everything needs to be awesome but when you reflect it’s the good feelings that hit you.

2014 I want to make new experiences, see new places but spend my time with the same people. ‘Cause it’s them who give you the best feeling and with them it doesn’t matter where you go and what you do.

However, I haven’t made any resolutions. I gave up doing this a few years ago because in my opinion there are two kinds of resolution: the first kind are the things that matter to you. Something important that you really wanna do. If something matters so much to me I don’t wait for New Years Eve to do it. I can start it whenever I want. The second kind are resolutions just for resolutions sake. Things like “I wanna become fit”. You say just to have something to say when people ask you. You don’t really care about it and therefore about two weeks in the new year you already forgot about this resolutions and you’re back to the old habits. I can’t really understand why everybody is so fond of this resolution thing. Just do what you want and what matters to you. You’re not bound to certain date to begin with it.

Another thing I don’t get is why people are always like “New year, new beginning. Now everything will be better. etc.” It may be a new year but that doesn’t mean all of your problems will vanish with a little bang and end up in smoke. They are still there. Furthermore, a new year doesn’t change the chances you have. I don’t want to disenchant anybody, I rather want to show you that you can make changes and take chances anytime throughout the year. You don’t have to wait around for 1st January. I always feel like people use this as an excuse so they can spend the whole year feeling bad and doing nothing because they can’t do anything until this date.

I try to do things now and not postpone them to some mystical point at the end of the year. What matters to me is what I take immidate care of. Who knows – if you wait around for the new year it might be too late. So take the chances you have, change what you can’t bear and please, don’t expect your life to automatically change to a wonderful fairytale just because it is 1st January.


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