One Week of Christmas: The 7 Best Movies for the Holidays Part 7

This is my last post for the one ween of christmas series. Today’s movie is simply the most wonderful Christmas films (maybe even the most wonderful films in general) that have ever been made. I’m talking about the classic It’s a Wonderful Life from 1946.

The Plot:

The story tells the life of a man named George Bailey. On Christmas Eve he is in deep trouble and thus suicidal. While he is standing on a bridge contemplating to jump prayers for him reach heaven. A second class angel is sent to help George. Clarence the angel shows him how important he is by pointing out how it would have affected everybody in his hometown if George had never been born. The huge impact reached from saving his brother’s life and preventing an old druggist he was working for from going to jail to the entire town being owned by a mean old man as George never saved the bank from going bankrupt.

When he sees how much his life has changed he doesn’t want to die anymore. But when he comes back home, the police is already waiting for him. His uncle lost 8000 $ that belonged to the bank they own. Now the time has come for George’s friends to return what he did for them. They all come by and donate their money leaving George with more than the required 8000 $. George realizes that his life really is wonderful.


The Rating:

This movie is just lovely. It inevitably touches your heart. There is no chance to not love all of the characters. You feel with them and George Bailey deciding to end his life leaves you devastated. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without him realizing that life is indeed good and that he is important and matters. I generally really like older movies as they have a special charm. But even among all these lovely film It’s a wonderful Life is one of the very best that stand out. I just love it when it starts raining corn flakes because they needed something to look like snow =)


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