One Week of Christmas: The 7 Best Movies for the Holidays Part 6

Today’s movie is a real must-see for the holiday season. I am talking about How the Grinch stole Christmas with Jim Carrey and Taylor Momsen. By now I’ve seen this film so often I already know half of the words.

The Plot:

The Grinch is green, fluffy, very mean and – most important –  Christmas hating creature who lives on a mountain at the outskirts of Whoville. As he has a huge problem with the holiday season and he isn’t too fond of people in general he decides to steal Christmas. He comes to town, dressed as Santa Clause he breaks into the houses and steals all of the gifts as well as the entire decoration.

But then there is this little girl Cindy Lou Who. She already had second thoughts about all the consumerism on Christmas and decides to befriend the Grinch. She tries to support him and get him back into town. In the process she finds out why he hates Christmas that much and the Grinch processes his past. He comes to terms with the other people who live in Whoville and finally gets the woman he has always loved. His heart melts and begins to internalize the real spirit of Christmas.


The Rating:

This Christmas movie is one the most succesful ones ever, it’s only beaten by Home Alone. I like this movie because it’s a bit different from the usual Christmas stuff. This film is very colorful and kind of hyper. Although the people living in Whoville as well as the Grinch are obviously not real I like that it still represents the consumerism in the real world very well. Especially Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou questioning all the fuss about presents and decoration is a major plus point of this movie. However, Jim Carrey also plays impressively. He is very convincing as evil green creature but also when he becomes nice. Moreover, this film contains one of my favourite movie scenes ever. When the story of the little baby Grinch is told my heart melts every time. You just have to love the Grinch from that moment on.

To me Christmas wouldn’t be complete without watching this movie. It’s one of my all-time favourites. The ones who already watched will understand and the ones who haven’t…go check it out =)

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