One Week of Christmas: The 7 Best Movies for the Holidays Part 5

Todays movie for the Christmas time is one at didn’t really like that much at first. But over the years I became quite fond of it and by now it’s a firm part of my holiday movie routine. “Scrooged” stars Bill Murray and is loosely based on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.

The Plot:

Frank is a television executive and basically this guy is an asshole. He is mean to his co-workers and even fires a guy right before Christmas just because he criticized a tv-spot Frank created.

His former boss who is already dead shows up at his office to inform him about the visits of three ghosts he will encounter in the next time. The three ghosts show up in form of  a taxi driver, a fairy and a huge thing which has a monitor as face and is kind of an allusion to death. They represent the past, present and future of Frank. In the past Frank liked Christmas but never got to enjoy it because of his father. Furthermore, he gave up the love of his life, Claire, for his current job.

At the present all his workers suffer because of Frank. But despite all the problems the celebrate a lovely Christmas just like Claire who works at a homeless shelter and Frank’s brother who always stood up for him. Frank himself declares Christmas as an unnecessary waste of time.

The future shows Frank’s death. Only his brother and his family mourn for Frank. Claire is by now an unhappy rich snob. Frank told her to help herself so she gave up the work at the homeless shelter.

After all these impressions Frank changes his attitude. He gives the guy he fired his job back for a much higher wage. He feels remorse for the things he did wrong in the past. He even gets back together with Claire.


The Rating:

By now I really like the movie. I’d like to believe that cold-hearted people who do exist in this world (and that in a huge number) can change and are able to become to good people. This film is an interesting adaptation of a story everyone is familiar with. I like that they also pick up the issue of the stagey things shown on TV especially during Christmas time. (And for me another plus point is the German title of this movie “Die Geister, die ich rief” is a quote from a poem by Goethe named “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. :D)

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