One Week of Christmas: The 7 Best Movies for the Holidays Part 4

The next movie I recommend for the Christmas season is “Gremlins”. This film which was directed by Chris Columbus is one of my all time favorites.

The Plot:

Billy, a really sweet and nice guy, gets a very unusual Christmas present. His father, an inventor, always searches for new and strange things. In Chinatown he finds a fluffy animal, a Mogwai. The little thing is named Gizmo and despite the warnings of the old Chinese shop owner he buys it for his son.

When Billy opens his present he is stoked to find cute little Gizmo looking out of the box. His father explains to him that there are three rules coming with the Mogwai: don’t feed him after midnight, no direct sunlight and don’t get him wet. Although Gizmo is really lovely to watch it would be a pretty boring story if nothing happened. So inevitably the Mogwai gets wet. Hairy balls start so shoot out of his back turning out to be more Mogwai. When Billy accidentally feeds them after midnight, they pupate and the become very aggressive green slimy monsters. They terrorize the town and Billy has rescue everyone. Oh, and he gets help from the girl he loves who falls for him in the end. =)


The Rating:

Although this is a Christmas movie it’s not suitable for little kids. The Gremlins can be very scary and the plot is also not for thin-skinned people. But still it is a very cool movie with unique ideas. And come on, isn’t Gizmo just about the cutest little thing you have ever seen? I bet when the movie came out there was no kid around who didn’t want their very own Gizmo.

It may not be the typical Christmas movie but it’s still kind of heart warming. We also get the happy end which is absolutely necessary for a Christmas film. 😉 And i like that it warns you a bit to be careful what you wish for. Gizmo may be sweet but just because Billy’s father always goes for new, strange and unusual things it doesn’t mean that he should do so.

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