One Week of Christmas: The 7 Best Movies for the Holidays Part 1

There are some movies that inevitably come around as soon as snow starts to fall. Of course a few of them are must sees. For me without watching the seven movies I am about to present here Christmas season wouldn’t be the same. They completely became part of my holiday routine and from year to year i still look forward to watching these films. =)

So here we go, the first Christmas holiday must-see:

Three Gifts for Cinderella

I guess everybody is familiar with the fairytale Cinderella. This Czech movie is a slightly different version. Released in 1973 it has become a firm part of christmas routine for many people around the world. As soon as December begins this film starts to pop up on TV every week. I remember watching it since I was little and by now I couldn’t imagine Christmas without it. To me this movie is the first step to get in a christmas-y mood.

The Plot:

Just like in the original version we all know Cinderella has a very mean step-mother with in this movie one daughter. They treat her very bad and she has to do all the housework. The King and the Queen throw a ball to find a bride for the Prince and Cinderella of course badly wants to go. When a servant goes to town to buy fabric for the stepmother’s dress he also brings back something for Cinderella: three hazelnuts. It turns out these nuts are stuffed to the top with magic. She spends a lot of time in the woods and there Cinderella runs into the Prince. He and his entourage make fun of her. So the next time she crashes into him she is prepared. She popped open one of the nuts to find clothes for a hunter and a crossbow. The doesn’t recognize her and she beats him when it comes to hunting.

The second nut inhabits Cinderella’s dress for the ball where she dances with the Prince (of course without being recognized by anyone) only to lose one of her shoes on the steps as she’s leaving. After several problems (most of them caused by the evil step-mother who wants her daughter to marry the Prince) Cinderella gets her happy end and marries the Prince. Her wedding dress is what she finds in the third nut . And they lived happily ever after. =)


>> Part 2


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