Movie Mania: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

In this movie from 1989 Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter use a phone to travel through in order to gather information for their history presentation.


The Plot:

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted, best friends, are determined to become famous with their band. But before they have to deal

with a little problem: If the two don’t pass the history exam Ted’s father is going to send him to military school. In order to help them a guy named Rufus who is from the future shows up. He tells them that their music caused the world to live in peace and become a utopian society. Therefore he has to help them to pass the exam which they have to turn in in form of a presentation.

Using the phone booth Rufus came with the two friends travel through history. They encounter Socrates, Freud, Joan of Arc, Napoleon and some more. They take all of historical important people with them to let them speak at their presentation. While checking out the medieval England Bill and Ted fall in love with two princesses who Rufus rescues later.

Coming across several problems and struggling to make it back in time to they presentation Bill and Ted have the most excellent adventure. Of course they make it to the history thing and they deliver an awesome presentation – supported by the great personalities in history. So world peace is assured and the two friends can go back to their music and the princesses =)


The Rating:

The movie has absolute cult potential. Staring the young Keanu Reeves and who harmonizes perfectly with Alex Winter we get an awesome film. While watching it there won’t be five minutes without a laugh. Especially the historical personalities are presented very funnily. I can only say I love this movie and if anyone needs a good laugh or a film to cheer them up – definitely check out Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!



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