Time to Talk about Books: crime thrillers by Wolf Haas

Recently I was introduced to an awesome Austrian writer: Wolf Haas. So far he has written several books about Auferstehung der TotenKomm süßer Toda police officer/detective named Brenner. By now I read two books by him and I have one more waiting on my shelf.

I already read “Komm, süßer Tod” (in English: Come sweet death) and “Auferstehung der Toten” (in English: Rising of the dead). Both of them are written in a funny and witty style. The stories are thrilling and never forseeable. With most of the crime stories I read so far I encountered the problem that the plot was either a cliché or the ending was pretty obvious. With Wolf Haas’ stories neither of these problem are the case. His ideas are fresh and original.

The book I will read next, “Der Knochenmann”, was also published in English under the title “The Bone Man”.

Should you like crime stories you definitely need to check out these books.

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