New City, New Life

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a diary-ish text. But now that I got my life in order it’s also time to get my thoughts in order aswell.

For me October 2013 is the month of big changes.

Sky above Vienna...isn't the view form my room awesome?

Sky above Vienna…isn’t the view form my room awesome?

I finally moved away from my hometown (which is a tiny little village close to the end of the world) and to on of my favourite cities of all time: Vienna. I was super excited to having to face my life alone now.
I’ve got a lovely room in a dorm and it turns out my room here is actually bigger than my room back home (thumbs up for that :D). It’s very nice here and I’m in the centre of town just a few minutes away from University.

This brings us to my next big change: I started University. My decision fell on “Communication Sciences” for which I had to do an acceptance test (that later turned out to be obsolete as only a smaller number of students turned up therefore everyone was accepted). Now that I am two weeks into University I still am convinced that it was the right decision.

However, I also managed to find new friends (I hadn’t expected that this would be so easy for me). I’ve already

met lots of very nice people and I already feel at home here.

It’s a good feeling to be responsible for myself, to go shopping alone and to do the cooking on my own, etc. I expected to encounter problems here but as it turnes out I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself (I even managed to do the laundry without ruining anything – I’m really proud of that^^)

By the way, I also started working out. This may not sound special to anyone but everybody who knows me would consider me doing any kind of sports the most unusual thing to ever happen on this  planet! I hope I can keep my motivation up and will make some progress.

Feels like this new city offers my so many new oppoertunites that it’s a different life from what I had so far. I can’t wait to see what my future in Vienna holds for me. So far I’m really happy here and I hope it stays that way.


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