Time to Talk about Books: Der Müllmann (The Garbage Collector) by Helmut Wolkenwand

Helmut Wolkenwand’s novel is an interesting crime stories which was published in 2011.

The Plot:der müllmann
This book is about a man who once was a kind of soldier. After some unfortunate events in Iraq he retired. Now he owns a company for destroying garbage. What most people don’t know is that he also does some illegal work. At first he is supposed to get a CD with data back from a man named Lucio. While he observes the man in a café somebody storms in and shoots Lucio. That’s when the trouble begins. Now he has to deal with the Chinese mafia, some old friends that now are enemies and on top of that he has trouble with his niece. After his sister and her husband disappeared he took care of his niece who is a teenager and also encounters awful events throughout the story.

The Rating:
The story starts of quiet thrilling and keeps its pace almost till the end. All his jobs were explained credibly, even his past was dealt with in a realistic way. It was a nice read up to about three-fourths of the book. Then it  all started to be rather confusing and also lost a lot of pace. The ending itself was partly forseeable, partly confusing and partly original but badly explained. I was a bit disappointed with this end after the rest of the book was really good.
If you like crime stories I’m sure you will enjoy this book (at least most of it). Although the end was behind my expectations the story itself was thrilling and nicely written.



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