Daily Prompt: Reading Material

Today’s Daily Prompt is about how you choose the blogs and books you read.

For me there are different reasons that get me to read a certain book or blog. Sometimes it’s enough that the piece of writing deals with a certain subject (like a blog post that is about movies). However, what gets me to some books I boughtread a book often is tumblr. There I see a lot of quotes and when a saying I really like comes along I always check out the book it is from. Of course I first go and see what it is about and then I usually search wordpress for reviews. If it meets my expectations I’ll add it to my reading list.
There are also writers I like and simply the fact that they have a new book/blog post will get me interested. However, when it comes to books I also try to cover the classics. I try to alternate between the great works in literature and “normal” books.
Moreover, what friends recommend to me is also important. Some people I trust blindly with books. If they recommend something to me I’m sure to get the book. Others lead me to the same procedure as the quotes I see on tumblr. I keep the book in mind but before I go ahead and read it I search the web about it. Furthermore, I also check the bestseller lists from time to time and if anything fascinates me the usual process kicks in. It also happens that I see or hear about a movie that is based on a book. I always try to read the book before I see the movie and thus I often get inspired to read a book by seeing a movie trailer.
When it comes to blogs I also like it when I can relate. Therefore I often read diary-ish blog posts. These are usually the most interesting ones as they reveal something about the person who is writing.

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