Time to Talk about Books: Hitman’s Guide to Housekeeping by Hallgrimur Helgason

Hitman's Guide to Housekeeping

Hitman’s Guide to Housekeeping

This novel was published in 2008 and is set in Iceland. It’s the story of a hitman who has to go into hiding after one of his jobs went wrong.
The Plot:

Tomo is a hitman. He likes his job and he is really good at it. But the last man he killed turns out to be a an FBI-agent. He has to vanish for some time. When he is at the airport ready to go back home to eastern Europe (with a fake-identity of course) he gets nervous and walks into the toilet. There he kills a man, takes his clothes and his ticket and boards a plane to Iceland. It turns out the man he killed was a televangelist who travels north to appear in a TV show. In order not to stand out he tries to play the part.

He gets along great with the friendly people who accommodate him and falls in love with their daughter. Of course it comes out that he is no reverend. After a suicide attempted after he found out that his girl in America was killed he goes back to his hosts and they help him – under the condition that he finds his way to God. It all goes pretty well, he has a new job, a new identity, his girlfriend is pregnant.
But then some old friends come for a visit.

The book starts of pretty funny and entertaining. But soon it sinks deeper into old clichés and then ends really forseeable. The ideas actually are original but they don’t come across like that. It seems rather boring and kind of old. After the about one-third the book becomes predictable. You can almost tell exactly how the story will go on and finally end. There is no thrill and the writer didn’t manage to suck you into the story.
What I liked is the description of Iceland. You get a pretty good impression of this country, a setting that usually isn’t chosen. But still there is no chance the few plus points can outweigh the negative aspects of this novel. It’s a quick read, nothing special. A book that is okay to read but don’t expect too much.


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