Social vs Social Network

Well, I recently thought about what people post on facebook. After some time I started wondering was is it about facebook that makes some people post everything they do. “xxx is going shopping”, “xxx is back home from shopping”, “xxx is cooking dinner” and then twenty minutes later a photo of the food.Why would I care about all that? But more importantly: what makes people believe that anyone would be interested in updates about someone’s life every half hour?

I get it that some guys want to let their “friends” and family take part in their lifes and so on. Of course others just want to show off: “xxx just got a new super duper awesome car”. But still I wonder: why is it considered necessary by some to post everything they do? Are they even able to got out or eat something without posting it beforehand?

Those website that are for socializing actually prevent exactly what they were made for. It may facilitate communication with people who are further away but blocks out the ones who are around you. Sitting by the table with some people is socializing but when almost all of them are fixed on the screen of their phone’s posting stuff on facebook the purpose of spending time with people is lost.

Some people are so busy creating a picture of their life on the internet, they forget to live their real life. By posting pictures and updates they are so busy they have no time left to really get something done. I know several people who don’t have facebook. None of them seem to be less happy or less socialized. In my experience it’s the people who hardly post stuff on facebook and who keep their private life private instead of sharing it with the whole world are the ones who are happier, nicer and more interesting. It’s hard to have a conversation with someone who posts everything on facebook. What do you want to talk about when you already read all details about their lifes on facebook? “Hey you know what happened yesterday?” – “Yeah, I saw your facebook post.”

What I really don’t understand is the relationship-behavior some have on facebook. They post on each other wall 10 times  day, leaving things like “I love you” and a load of hearts. They pretend to be the happiest couples ever but in reality it’s different. I guess that’s why they change their relationship status twice a week from “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated” and back.

So why do some of us feel the need to create a vivid image of themselves on facebook instead of living their lifes? Is it because they are afraid? Afraid of really doing something? Afraid of real contacts with people? Afraid of real talks? Afraid of living their lifes? Afraid of simply switching off the computer and getting shit done instead of just posting about it.


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