Time to Talk about Books: While Mortals Sleep by Kurt Vonnegut

The sixteen short stories you find in this book were published for the first time in 2011, 4 years after his death.

Well, there not much to say about the stories themselves. They all dealt more or less with the subject love. I had already heard a lot about Kurt Vonnegut and was excited to finally read one of his books. Unfortunately this was a rather disappointing encounter.

while mortals sleep

while mortals sleep

To me all of the stories seemed foreseeable, there was nothing special about them. Some characters were described nicely but you just couldn’t really warm up with any of them. Furthermore, the stories weren’t thrilling, you didn’t get the feeling of being

soaked into it. You don’t get captured and I wonder why I even finished reading some of the stories. But I kept reading till i had reached the end of the book, hoping I would finally find at least one story that could save the book for me. But unfortunately the last page came up and then there was nothing but disappointment left for me.

The stories are nothing special, so invest your money in other books unless you like clichés and really predictable writing. I guess these stories had better remained unpublished.




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