Music in Movies: Top 10 (Part 2)

Here we have the positions 5 to 1 in my ranking of great musical scenes in movies:

5. Kill Bill – I walk like Jane Mansfield – The 5 6 7 8’s

Quentin Tarantino always sets new standards when it comes to using music in movies. I especially liked it when he convinced the Japanese girl band “The 5 6 7 8’s” to perform in his movie Kill Bill. When the bride enters the House of Blue Leaves they play “I Walk Like Jane Mansfield”. It’s an interesting combination, the danger that already hangs in the air mixes with the music and intertwines.

4. Streets of Fire – Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young

In this movie from 1984 Diane Lane plays a singer who is kidnapped by some gangsters and Michael Pare sets out to rescue her. Throughout the movie the band Fire Inc. has several performances and although Diane Lane didn’t sing herself I really liked it..The movie is a little strange, different and definitely worth watching. The music featured in the film is great, I was really impressed. My favourite song is “Tonight is What it Means to Be Young”. It captures the feeling of the movie really well and the lyrics are poetic. This movie is a must watch!

3. Back to the Future – Johnny B. Goode

We all know the movie with the coolest time machine ever in which Michael J. Fox travells back to the 50’s where he meets his mom. At the “enchantment under the sea dance” Michael J. Fox aka Marty McFly plays the song Johnny B. Goode. He doesn’t sing or play himself but I absolutely love this scene. especially when he tells everyone that their kids will like this kind of music. Just when you think the movie couldn’t get any cooler they start playing Johnny B. Goode. How could anyone not like that 😉

2. Detroit Rock City – Detroit Rock City – KISS

This movie is an awesome road movie about four friends who want to go to a KISS concert. Against all the odds the finally make it and the movie is crowned by a real performance of KISS. The entire movie is stuffed with great Rock n Roll music. It’s one of my all time favourites when it comes to movies about music.

1. Walk the Line – Jackson

As you could already read in my review I’m absolutely in love with this movie. I was deeply impressed by both Joaquin Phoenix’ and Reese Witherspoon’s singing. Johnny and June would have been proud them. They really deserved the Oscar nominations (and winning it in Reese’s  case). “Jackson” is my favourite song as it is a duet and so both actors can show their singing skills. Reese and Joaquin have a great chemistry and were definitely the right choices for this film.

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