What stops you…

Hi folks!

my arm in plaster decorated with some drawings from my friend

my arm in plaster decorated with some drawings from my friend

At first I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts in the last six weeks. But having my right hand in plaster after falling on my hand and breaking the metacarpal bone tipping wasn’t to easy. Yesterday I had it removed and now I can finally move my hand again.

During the last six weeks I thought about several things. Having my arm stuck in this thing of course meant that I wasn’t able to do some stuff like going swimming or driving a car. But still I didn’t want the plaster to dictate me what I can do and what I can’t.
Two weeks ago I was on holiday and after returning a friend of mine said she couldn’t understand how I did this with my arm in plaster. I tried to explain to her that it makes no difference whether I’m sitting around in my room with this thing on or somewhere else. She couldn’t understand me. But why would I stop doing things I like just because the plaster makes it a little harder to do them? Where people really expecting me to sit on my ass for six weeks?

I came to the conclusion that it’s not about the plaster. It’s about having an excuse. There are always things people want to do but somehow the manage to find an excuse every time. For example going to a concert: I’d love to but sorry I have no time (yeah, cleaning the house is really important, you can’t do that some other time). Or going for a barbecue: no it’s too hot to sit around in the sun (dammit I have an arm in plaster and if I can stand the heat you can too).

So why do most people always try to find excuses instead of doing the things the want? The answer is simple: they are afraid. They talk a lot but never do anything. They find some excuse only to brag about not being able to do something afterwards. That’s how I never want to be. This is the main reason I was resisting the “plaster’s dictation” so much. I can’t go swimming because the plaster mustn’t get wet? Well I only go into the water to my thighs. I can’t go outside because it’s hot and I’m sweating under the thing? I stay in the shades.

If you want you can always find an excuse but I’d rather find solutions.
It’s kind of funny. Although my hand was in plaster I’ve had a far more exciting summer than my friends and I did more things than them. I think this proves my hypothesis. If you really want something just do it. The only thing that stops you is yourself. And I don’t want to be standing in my own way.

What is it that stops you from doing what you want? What’s your excuse? Put it aside and just do it!

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