Time to Talk about Books: The Devil’s Graveyard by Anonymus

“The Devil’s Graveyard” is the third book about a guy named Bourbon Kid. First of all I must say that I haven’t yet read the first two books but to me it didn’t seem to be a problem while reading. Not knowing the story of the first two novels does not confuse you or make it difficult to follow the story.
The Plot:

The Devil's Graveyard ( German title: Das Buch ohne Gnade)

The Devil’s Graveyard ( German title: Das Buch ohne Gnade)

On Halloween the Back-From-The-Dead singing competition takes place at Nigel Powell’s hotel. The contestants dress up as a deceased singer, give their best interpretation of a song and the winner gets a contract over 1 Million Dollars. Sounds nice? Well, as it turns out, it isn’t.
The five competitors who get to be in the finale had already been chosen before it all started. And one of them really wants to win. To be sure about that he hired a killer to get rid of the other finalists.
The man who was hired – Invincible Angus – unfortunately turned up a bit late. In the mean time his room was given away to Sanchez, a guy who won a trip to the hotel via a dating website. When Sanchez enters the room he finds an envelope containing four pictures and twenty thousand Dollars. His friend Elvis who is here to win the competition, suspects that the photos are a hit list. Sanchez agrees to take the envelope to the reception but he first removes to money only to lose it all at the casino.
Bourbon Kid who was already really pissed because of the guy he gave a ride is sitting at the bar when Julius – a James Brown imitator – approaches him. The killer he hired didn’t show up so he needs somebody to kill four people. The Kid makes sure three of them won’t see the end of the day but the fourth person, Emily, reminds him of a girl he once was in love with therefore he doesn’t want her to be killed.
From there on you get a lot of shooting, some performances, some really strange explanations and a whole lot of zombies just to finally end with a big surprise.

I liked this book a lot. The story is clever, funny and evil. The whole plot may be strange but it doesn’t fail to entertain. The characters are described really well and the different musical references throughout the story are well-chosen. It was a thrilling read with some surprises and some plot-twists you don’t see coming. I could hardly put the book down and I’m stoked to find out how the story continues. But first of all I’ll try to get my hands on copies of the first two books. However, it was really nice that not knowing the first two parts doesn’t cause you any trouble while reading Bourbon Kid #3. The plot was easy to follow and for me no questions appeared. Often you get confused when you haven’t read all the books of a series or it’s been a while since you have read the previous part. But with this one I didn’t have any problems.This book is definitely worth reading and I hope the other parts are just as entertaining as “The Devil’s Graveyard”.


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