Time to Talk about Books: The Second Coming by John Niven

The book I’m going to talk about today is “The Second Coming” by John Niven. The religion criticising novel

The Second Coming

The Second Coming

was published in 2011.

It al starts with God returning to heaven after he was on a fishing trip. While he was away everything on earth went to waste. So he decides to send Jesus back to earth once more.
To reach the masses Jesus there participates in American Idol.

I can only say I absolutely loved this book. John Niven’s way of writing is outstanding. The book is hilarious, smart and sometimes heart-warming. The writer shows a lot of knowledge about religion and manages to implement it wittily.

This book is on my A-list of recommendations. Just like “Kill Your Friends”  John Niven wrote another outstanding book that’s quite different from everything else. From an encounter with the devil to Jesus’ performance at American Idol – A must read!



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