Movie Mania: The Tourist

The movie “The Tourist” which was shot by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck in 2010 is based on the French film Anthony Zimmer. Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie play the leading roles in this thriller.

The Story:

The movies revolves around a guy named  Alexander Pearce. Both Scotland Yard as well as the French police are hot on his heels as he owes the state 744 million of taxes. To find him they closely watch his girlfriend Elise.

Alexander writes her a letter to take a certain train and choose a stranger to talk to in order to mislead the police. So when she gets on the train she sits down next to Frank making the police think he is Alexander. From there on an odyssey begins which ends with Elise being held hostage by a gangster. It turns out that Frank was Alexander all along (he paid a lot of money to have his looks changed). They fool the police one more time and ride off into the sunset.

I didn’t like the movie at all. The story itself is very foreseeable and not bringing up the slightest surprises. Furthermore, I also wasn’t too fond of the performance both Jolie and Depp showed. Angelina Jolie’s attitude throughout the whole film was kind of arrogant and didn’t match the role she was supposed to portray. Johnny Depp made his character seem a bit stupid and slow which also wasn’t how the character should have been represented in my opinion. And he had a surprised look on his face during the entire movie. They both weren’t convincing and disappointed me. I’ve seen much better performances from Depp as well as from Jolie.

The only nice thing about the movie was the setting. Venice is an incredible city, in my opinion the only reason to watch the film at all.
So if you don’t want to experience a boring and disappointing movie, do yourself a favour and don’t watch “The Tourist”. It’s better to check out the original “Anthon Zimmer”. (I haven’t yet seen it myself but I only heard good things about it.)


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