Blog Challenge: Something you are proud of

Something I am really proud of happened just a few weeks ago.
I am talking about my final written exams. Today I found out how I did there. It turned out I got two As and one B. Of course this is a thing to be proud of but to me, it means a lot more.

About a week before the exams I got really ill. I was in such a bad condition, I even had to go to hospital. There I tried to study as well as possible (which really wasn’t a lot). When the exams finally took place I had to argue with the doctor so they would let me go to write them. After a whole lot of fighting I finally was allowed to leave the hospital. In the morning I went out of the hospital and straight to school. After I was done writing the exams, I was on my way right back to hospital. The exams were really hard for me as each one of them five to six hours. I swear I never experienced anything this exhausting in my whole life.
I had to stay at the hospital for a total of eleven days. After that I still had to stay in bed for two weeks. Usually the teacher inform the students in case they failed one of the exams and as I heard nothing from any of my teachers I was already relieved. Knowing at had passed all of the exams although I was in an awful state while taking them.

Going to school today and finding out i hadn’t only passed the exams but did a really good job feels just awesome. This is beyond what I hoped for. I am really proud that I manage to overcome my disease and still make it. It also felt good to prove all the people wrong who told me I wouldn’t be able to do it in the condition I was in. But I knew I was capable of writing my exams and it turned out I was right 😉

It was a though decision whether or not take the exams now. Otherwise I would have had to do them in autumn, meaning I couldn’t start with university and basically destroying all the plans I had already made. So I knew however awful I felt, I was as least going to try it. I was determined to make and I did, better than I hoped.

Right now I can say I’ve never been so proud of myself. Now I only have to do equally well in the oral exams next week =)


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