Movie Mania: Wild at Heart

The movie I’m gonna ramble about today is “Wild at Heart”, directed by David Lynch.

The leading roles in this film which was released in 1990 are played by Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern.
The embody the star-crossed lovers Sailor and Lula in this crime thriller that is based on the book “Wild at Heart” by Barry Gifford.

wild at heart

wild at heart

The Story:

Sailor and Lula are a young couple and they are head over heels in love. But Lula’s mother doesn’t approve of this. Therefore she hires a guy to kill Sailor. During the fight it is Sailor who fells his opponent. He goes to jail for manslaughter. His love Lula waits for him and the day he is discharged from prison she picks him up and they elope. Of course her mother is furious. She sends the killer Marcellus Santos to track them and kill Sailor.When passing through Texas Sailor agrees to make a robbery with Bobby Peru as Lula and he are running short on money. When Sailor isn’t at the hotel, Bobby tries to rape Lula but then just laughs and leaves instead.
The robbery goes horribly wrong. Bobby who was actually hired to kill Sailor shoots himself and Sailor is arrested again. Meanwhile Lula learns that she is pregnant.

She goes back to her mother, give birth to her child and again waits for Sailor. When his five years arrest are over she drives to pick him up although her mother still doesn’t approve. Sailor meets his son for the first time but decides not to stay with Lula as he is no good for her. He leaves and runs into a gang. The guys knock him out and Sailor sees a vision: Glinda the good witch from “The Wizard of Oz” tells him to go back to Lula. Sailor gets up and tries to find Lula. he then sings her “Love me Tender”, about which he earlier said he would only sing for his wife.


Just like every other David Lynch movie this one is strange, weird, crazy, something you’ve never seen before. He always manages to shoot films that are impressive with really strong images and he choice of actors is excellent. Cage and Dern give a realistic image of the star-crossed lovers and also Diane Ladd who plays Lula mother (she is Laura Dern mother in real life) does an amazing job portraying the mentally ill Marietta Fortune.
Another thing I really liked where the many “Wizard of Oz” references throughout the movie. Lula talks about the wicked witch, she has a pair of red shoes which she taps together and in the end even the good witch appears.
Furthermore, the music was extremely well placed. Lula and Sailor go to a Powermad concert, Nicolas Cage himself sings two Elvis songs. This intensifies the feelings and transports them very well for the audience.

If you like David Lynch you will love this movie. In case you never liked any of his films, it’s better not to watch “Wild at Heart” as this movie is really bizarre, just like his other pieces.
But for fans of strange movies, this one’s gonna be an awesome experience.


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